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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tips and Tricks of Photography Using a Smartphone to a Result Like Photographer

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Smartphone competition is now very tight, smartphone manufacturers vying embed advanced features and hardware are qualified on the latest smartphone, do not miss them also embed the camera on a smartphone that is increasingly sophisticated and have the capacity of the people were great, and even now the average smartphone lowest 8 MP camera for middle and upper-class smartphone.

But we noticed the camera sophisticated as it is, many users of social media uploading bad picture quality on their social media, well this time we will give you tips and tricks simple technique of photography using the smartphone's camera, so that the results are good and will certainly add quality photos us, so we did not waste a sophisticated camera features with the photos is not good, and here are tips and tricks on photography using a smartphone.

Take a photo from the top

Well take a photograph from the top of it, is one of the techniques well, this technique can be used when making selfies, are mostly tacky perform techniques actually take photos from above, but here is not like tacky, because tacky take photos from above and they menudukan head, disni we do not need bowed heads, we simply position the camera right above our eyes with our eyes on the display facing the camera.

Using manual focus
It is often dilewatkaan by smartphone users, it is indeed trivial way but have a major impact, using the autofocus was able to focus the camera on a point, but by doing autofocus then the points are less than perfect.

And if we use the manual focus, then we can determine the focal point of the camera, so that the value of the photographs that we take can be better, and the results would be more perfect because technically, we know exactly where we will make a point of focus, while on autofocus, they are only detected in accordance with the current program.

Use both hands
Many of us when photos are only using one hand, this affects the images as when using one hand, usually lots of vibrations and will not be stable, so that the image will be blurred, different when we use our hands to take pictures, because we will be stronger grasp our smartphones so the camera will be more stable.

In addition to a more stable, the focus of the camera will also be increased, and the need to remember, if we want to do a few times a photo, the better we rest our hands a moment, do not immediately take continuously, for avoiding fatigue in your arms, so that the arm we will tremble and result in blurry photos.

Understanding Shutter Speed
Sometimes we do not understand the use of shutter speed, so we do not fit the setting, when should use a fast shutter speed, we use a slow shutter speed, In here we should really pay attention to the fast shutter speed and a slow shutter speed. Sendir Shutter speed is the length of time the camera sensor is exposed to light

So Fast shutter speed can take pictures as if time had stopped, with a pixel more detail and more focus, such as when we're jumping, as if we like to fly, while Slow shutter speed is slow movement, is very good in use when night day to photograph the pictures such as roads, depending on our creations, and here we will give examples of images both modes.

See the difference of the two images above, the image on the left directing to the right of Fast Shutter Speed ​​is Slow shutter speed. This mode should we really know that we know, when we use a fast shutter speed and a slow shutter speed.

ISO is the camera's sensitivity to light levels available. So the lower the ISO the more anaka not sensitiv cameras capture light, but the higher the ISO the camera will be more sensitive to light, and we can use it when in the dark, but semkin high ISO images to be produced will be more rough. As for the lower ISO, the image produced will be sharper.

This mode very fit when we use for photographing a landscape, like mountains or oceans, with this mode you can take photos that are very broad in one image, but not all smartphones have this mode, but there are third party applications that provide services panorama. and the example in the picture below.

Light is one of the most important things in photography, make sure we can adjust the light in accordance with our wishes, and if necessary, the light source is more daru one source, but it also depends on how we want to take our picture, such as it is better to use a single light source, it is not an important issue we can set it to photograph interesting plasticity. And most importantly, we have to get a good source of natural or artificial light behind us when photographing an object.

Do Not Zoom When Taking Pictures
These usually occurred, we do zoom when you want to take a picture with a distant object, it can make a photo break, better, we are closer to the object to take better pictures, and do not zoom.

Avoid Flash
If we take a picture, as much as possible avoid using flash, because the flash is usually a negative impact on the color of the image that we take, and will make the picture bright white, and the background color will be gone, well if you can look for natural light whenever possible or use artificial lighting

A good trick for when we do not have enough natural light is a small piece of tape to put a chocolate on the LED flash. This acts as a diffuser take a softer image.

Choose the right time
If we have the opportunity to wait or determine when taking a picture, then find the right time to get good lighting, photographers usually use morning and evening so that the resulting picture is more interesting.

Always clean the lens
And do not forget, sometimes we put our smartphones carelessly, and this will make our smartphones exposed to dust, then routinely clean the lens, and clean up our smartphones.

Position taking photos
Usually this constraint we get a nice photo and well, when we take a photo, position us just like that, always in front of the object images, never try to do things that are different, such as the squat, or we tergeltak on the ground to take better pictures, or using a chair and then we took a photo of the object is higher, do things that are different, and see the result of differences in the position we took pictures.

Editing Photo
Once we are satisfied with the results of our photos, then we need to do the edit-edit the image to further refine, we can edit using android applications of third parties, or we can also use photoshop, depend on us, but editing to finishing it on the need to enhance pictures that we have taken.

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