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Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Reduce by Half the Use of Mobile Data (in 5 easy steps)

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In The everyday life of smartphones has been very much needed by a large part of our society, let alone the further cheapening of smartphones already have the updated version, such as the price of s4 are now very cheap from the initial price because there has been an update version that was s6, inexpensive smartphones not guarantee that we use mobile package data with the cost, sometimes to those on uncontrolled accelerate the exhaustion of our quota, so inevitably we have to cherish per MB of the package, but in here we will discuss how to reduce by half the use of mobile data or use data in 5 easy steps.

Note: of course, each user has its own variations using data packets, these tips may be less familiar to you, but do not be quick to give up to try out for the sake of frugality

1. Compress Chrome pages
Assuming you use Chrome to access all web, this tip alone can save 30-35 per cent of the consumption of data your phone browser. or known in the data saver settings, compress web pages before loading in your browser.
You can notice the data, settings then Open chrome and then the data saver, consider the graph and see the data you will rise.

2. Remove the facebook app
It is well known among lovers of Android that Facebook is one of the worst contributors not only for data consumption, but also for resource usage and battery drain. So why not replace it with something that is not too extravagant?
there are many app substitute facebook, maybe there will be articles special to discuss it, while you can gooling by keyword tinfoil for Facebook, facebook application can display the site Facebook on the website, or simply create a shortcut chrome in your browser how to open facebook in chrome and open menu and add to home screen.

3. Restrict background data
The easiest way to store data is to notify your application (or the Android system itself) to limit background data. Background data is all Internet traffic that occurs when you do not actually use the app itself, so the app still process and does not stop, keep reloading and searching data on the internet, such as facebook are always looking for the latest data from friends who posted on Branda, another example such as: email synchronization, feed updates, weather widget and more.

You can instruct your android system to limit the data in a way Settings> Data usage> Restrict Background Data or to apps in Settings> Apps. You also can set up sync on Google services in Settings> Accounts> Google> then select the account you do not want any syncs automatically.

4. Disable auto-updating apps
One very draining mobile data is Google Play app update. if you are in a position to play store's auto update will consume a lot of mobile data without you even knowing
To disable you get through, get into PlayStore then select the three lines in the left corner, select settings and choose "Do Not Auto-Update Apps" or only over Wi-Fi.

5. Put the music or video on the Smartphones
Because, streaming it is very draining Data Mobile, really very fatal in streaming video or music, because when we want to listen again, we will stream again, just as we download a song or video over and over again, it's good we have a copy video or song was offline, so when we wanted to play it, we can play offline and does not drain completely mobile data.

A few tips and tricks to save Internet data packets on android, if there are things that are less understood, please ask us, we will be happy to help any way we can about the problems in the internet data packets android.

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