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Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Increase RAM Android Smartphone

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when your phone started to feel slow, and RAM (random access memory), which is used to store the data, your data perhaps it was one of the issues if your mobile phone does not have enough RAM that can be overcome, but there are several ways to solve them.

If RAM we were too full, it will result in android lag, and certainly one of the problems that would occur is wasteful battery and the smartphone will emnjadi hot, certainly it would be bad for us right, well disni we will give you tips and tricks that RAM android not too full.

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

Ram is a device you used when you do something. For example, when you edit your photo images and applications that you use to edit the device is in RAM, when you have finished editing device then stored in the storage so it will not disappear. the more RAM you have the more you can do, so for example you can have a search tab for more, more applications running or more features that can be used.

issues related to RAM is not always the emptying and applications are not always problematic. multiple applications and system processes running when you do not really use it and others are not cleaned after that they're using when finished. after a while the problem will occur with improved performance is slow, lagging and stuttering, and strange.

such as internal storage, RAM is the physical components of the device so that you can not simply stick. what you can do, although it has been used more Efficient or used by some clever trick to make the RAM from a variety of storage.

Increase your RAM without root access

Now you know what RAM is, we will show how to use it. the first part, we focus on tips for non-root device. for these devices you can not add more memory, but you can use it better than the one you have. as a rule of thumb, more and more mobile work increasingly many RAM used, so if you can reduce the running applications you can save more memory for a task that is really important.

Limit Widget and Move Wallpaper
widgets and wallpapers moves, both of which require a lot of RAM usage. many refreshes and occupies bandwitdth. adaa while some are still active. It can also cause your battery run out faster. so remember to limit the amount of use that result to mengptilamkan memory available today.

Deactive Applications That are Not in Use
some applications require RAM even if they are not being use it, so you get the use of RAM without showing weakness whatsoever. organizing applications that should and should not take much time to walk, but it's well worth your improve the performance handphone.

to disable the application on your computer, go to settings and then application and manaager application on your computer. then go to all the tab to get a list of all the applications in the device danda. to disable the application, press and select off and confirm. be careful not to disable seala anything, kecualianda want to end up with a system that is not stable, but some applications do not come pre-installed on your headset safe enough to disable (or remove it completely if you do not use them.

Disabling Animation
animation often steal RAM and is not so important, you daat manage this by selecting options in development. menakgtikan choice for developers in your device, go to your settings and then on the phone and then press the number of number seven to notice that you are a developer. (Please note that this does not have negative effects on your device, this is only menmabhan menu pilhan developers in setting the tone. You just need to be careful when touching on the area around there.

when you're done, go back to your phone settings and press down to choice of the developer. Next, go to the Drawing and off the following options. RAM will thank you for it:
  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator duration scale

How to increase your RAM when you have root access

In this section we will explain how to increase your RAM by the root. I create a partition on your SD card, which will act as a secondary source of RAM. to do this, we will use ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (swap) applications. You can download it here.

Here is a description of Play Store:
  • Free SD memory card as RAM usage (SWAP RAM / SWAP MEMORY)
  • Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB (limit file system)
  • There is no limit on SWAP partition!
  • Regular performance degradation when paged does not occur with SD cards of class - 8
  • Widget for PNP swap (swap on / off swap)
  • Detailed Memory Information & Analysis
  • Autorun
  • Swappiness kernel parameter set
  • Usage is very easy easy (1 click optimization and automatic calculation)
  • Tung supports all Android devices (root access and support Kernelswap)
  • You'll need an SD card 4. as minimal, but for best results you should use the higher grade.
Check the compatibility of your device
Before using ROEHSOFT RAM Expander, you need to check that your device kompitibel. upload the info memory and swap examiner file.start application and grant Super User. Click here ramexpander start to test the 'bottom of the screen. then press 'click Kanuk results'. if it appears 'congratulations' these devices will be compatible with the application RAM!

Installing 'Swap'
If you have a compatible handset, download and start ROEHSOFT RAM - EXPANDER (SWAP) application and run the application. Give root access and select your language (you can choose English, German or French).

Use the slider to select the amount of space you want to allocate to your SWAP partition. Press 'optimal value' to automatically adjust the settings for best performance, and 'autorun' must also be enabled. The last thing you need to do is press 'Swap Activ' to complete the process.

Your system should now have more RAM, and thus better performance, thanks to the support of your SD card. (Note that this process means that the SD card is no longer accessible from the computer.)

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