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Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Clean Smartphone Safely

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Many people who already know how to clean the android on the inside means that the cleaning system such as cache, files, memory and so on, but do we know how to clean the outside of the smartphone we safely? such as a screen, body etc., for such a screen if we clean it carelessly it can scratch the screen our screens, very few people who do not understand how to clean the smartphone on the outside, but this is one if we want to replace our smartphones and sell smartphones old, if we are diligent in cleaning the sale value will be high.

Here we will share tips and tricks on how to clean up android smartphone safely, appropriately and of course will be cleaner even look like new, here's how:

The first is a Maintenance tips
First to keep our smartphones remain fit for use we must often perform maintenance, like a car, if we do not often take care of the vehicle, the subject vehicle we will be jammed, as well as smartphones, if we do not often take care of the meal will congestion occurs, of course it is we do not want to happen is not it?

The temperature on the smartphone it is very important to keep our smartphones, to keep the temperature of our smartphones, we must be diligent to see the temperature of our smartphones with an app that many PlayStore between master cleaner and do not put our smartphones are exposed to direct sunlight, it can cause permanent damage on our smartphones.

Scratch-resistant casing and is a good choice to keep our smartphones of the damage, but if we fill smartphone while using the casing will make the temperature gets hot, it is advisable if we're charging our smartphones, loose casing advance to avoid overheating.

Besides that we stay healthy, we turn smartphone contains a lot of bacteria, while eating well should not touch smartphone will eat us, and if we should wash my hands first so that we stay healthy.

The second is to clean the screen or lens
The screen is the most vital thing in the smartphone, due to the screen we can do all the activities on a smartphone, because this is the most vital thing, eating the dirty on the screen it was very important for us to clean it, so that we remain comfortably in use it, but we also must know how to effectively clean the screen in order to avoid the damage on the screen itself, because if we clean it with the original, it is likely to be scratched very high.

To clean the screen of our smartphone, we may not use cloth carelessly, we can use a microfiber cloth in order to keep our smartphone screen. to get this fabric, we can buy them online or we can look at fabric stores.

Maybe mix in a little water can be more effective microfiber cloth to clean the screen of our smartphone, way to get maximum results are as follows, laps in a straight line up or down up to use a microfiber cloth.

The third is to clean the Body
To clean the body of smartphones are advised to use cotton or cotton that is dipped in diluted alcohol, is very effective to remove dust or dirt attached to the body of our smartphones, avoid using household appliances to clean the body of our smartphones because this can damage the body smartphones we.

All types of smartphones has many ways to clean, especially smartphones are waterproof, it will be very easy to clean because we can mix water to clean the body casing on our smartphones.

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