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Thursday, September 22, 2016

How To Accelerate The Charging On Android or iOS

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As we know that the smartphone takes time to charger to the brim, but what if we hurry? certainly not going to have enough time to wait for your android smartphone is not fully charged? for example, we forget charger when asleep when we have an appointment in the morning and after waking up we only have 30 minutes for example, while the batteries we only stayed a couple of percent, we would not be confused? well the current article provides tips for children relaxed accelerate charger or charge on our android or iOS.

We will give you tips accelerate or shorten the charging and in this way does not require root or the like, these tips and tricks accelerate the charging, such as our smartphones equipped with fast charging, in this way, we can speed up the features of fast charging becomes faster, and before we also had discussed how to improve smartphone that can not charging here, and here are tips and tricks to speed up charging android or iOS.

First enable the water mode plane or planes
Let us explain why this mode can accelerate the charge, in this mode of course the smartphone will work lighter, because it automatically internet and internet data will die, so smartphoen not work harder, and of course applications continue to run and refreshes automatically will stop in this mode, such as facebook app, whatsapp, bbm etc., so that when the smartphone a little work, sure the battery is in use will be little, and this will speed up charging.

Turn off features that are not in use
Off feature can also speed charging, because if the features are not being kept alive we use the smartphone will require a lot of power, and this as we fill the water in the pond, and it turns out the pool is leaking, we will take a long time to make'm completely full, our suggestion features such as GPS, NFS, Wifi and bluetooth turned off, or other features that smartphones do not work extra when in charge, be in restart after the charge is complete, but for mengehmat better battery use time correctly -Right in need just those features.

Keep the smartphone stays cool
Keeping a smartphone to keep them cool also can speed up the charging process, if we use the cover, the better remove the cover first if we rush to fill or charger smartphone, so the smartphone stays in the cold, why maintaining a cold can accelerate the charging, because the principle is simple battery would work better if the battery in a cold state.

Do not charge or charge using a PC or laptop
If we want to charge quickly, do not use a pc or laptop to charger, because it uses a pc or laptop when charger will slow charging until 30-50%, so we are just going to need more time, better use terminal electrical outlet usual on the walls of our homes.
Why charger on a laptop or PC can make a long charging time? let us explain disni, laptop or PC USB port only has kapastias of 0.5A and a maximum USB 3.0 port is 0.9A, while the adapter can charge up to 1A, so to achieve 1 A.

Use the cable and adapter charger original
As we know, that all smartphones can be in charge to charge the same, but it needs to be noted, every charge and adapters for each smartphone has kapastias alone, so for example kapastias cables and adapters samsung different from asus, and asus different also for LG and LG is different also for nexus, nexus different and also for Xiaomi, and everything is different.
It is also for fast charging, if our smartphones possession of features fast charging, does not mean we can use indiscriminate adapter and USB cable to do fast charging, even if using a regular charger this feature can not work, so we need to use adapters and usb cable original for this feature to run optimally, we better buy a new and ori if experiencing the damage to the cable or adapter.

Not too often seen when charge
As we all know, the screen or the screen is the main actor in the battery power consumption, we can see it in Settings> apps> battrey. we can see that the screen is in the first position for applications that consume a lot of battery power. Whereas if we often to see smartphones in being in charge, then we turn the screen our screens, and after the live screen will consume a lot of battery power, so it's like a picture pool of water above, so let the screen is locked and die in order to keep power that goes to the battery.

Turn on a battery-saving mode
In this mode, applications that are not in use automatically stop, so we will not receive notifications from applications that stalled because of not being used, such as facebook app, whatsapp, bbm etc.. All applications that are not active will be stopped, so usually we do not receive the message if it does not open the application, well if you want to deduct more quickly, this feature can be one of the mainstays that the smartphone does not consume a lot of battery so a charger or charge becomes faster ,

Turn off your Smartphone
This is the most simple and most practical, when we need a quick time to charger, so this way you can count on, because the smartphone stops working, then the smartphone will not eat battery power, so electricity is directly used when signing , so maybe by turning off or turn off the smartphone, we can accelerate the time charger to 20-30%, so it is usually a new full 3 hours, with off then we just need time to 2 hours.

Use Power bank
This option is the last option for people who love the rush and no time to charge smartphone, using the power of banks, with this we can still charger our smartphone anywhere, but do not just buy power bank, we need to really understand power the best bank for our smartphones, should before buying power bank, we learn first power bank is good, nice and good quality so we were not in vain buying power bank, maybe a bit pricey little if power bank which was nice, but why not if it facilitates we are often a race against time.

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