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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Android Applications for Photo Editing in Order to Better

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Editing the photos that have been taken through a smartphone camera android certainly are often done by a large part of the android and this time we will make an article discusses the applications android used to edit edit photos, we have made several lists of the photo editing application.

As we know, many android users before giving android they focus on the camera, because of the need to make photographs, and certainly after the photo we take may need a little touch was that the image becomes more beautiful, to make photo editing we need applications, and the following is andorid applications for photo editing in order to become better.

Note: the first one we wrote it does not mean the best, the best quality according to each of us how you can use

PicsArt is a photo editor application that is most widely used by android users, because PicsArt has all the standard editing needs in the android, in addition to the features in the application PicsArt we can share our edits directly to social media like instagram etc.

Features editing in PicsArt among other image editor with effects, camera app so that we can capture the image using this application, a drawing tool, social platforms and is as we discussed above, we can menshare edits we were able to share in social media, in addition to the other features are PicsArt has a nice design programs for photo editing and has a filter and decorations.

You can download the application PicsArt on the play store.

Cymera is a photo editing application that is popular among Android users, because cymera have more ability to edit photos with the position of portraits, although it cymera can edit photos with good in all positions a photo, but it is superior to the position of portraits, in addition cymera also has more than 20 filters, decorations, portrait features, and most became huge favorite feature is the realistic make-up effects.

Additionally equipped with camera, so we could take pictures or photos directly from the application, not only that we also can import or take pictures through a gallery of our smartphones, after we done edit our pictures and it is considered good, we can also share directly in social media applications such as twitter, tumblr, facebook etc, we can download this applications on the play store and free but no ads in this application.

Snapseed is one of the applications is quite membaut edits on a photo to get better and better, in this application we can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of our pictures, in addition to the application is also equipped dengna automatic corrections, we can correct error editing our pictures.

Additionally, Snapseed is equipped with features editor like fashion Retrolux, Vintage, Tilt Shift, Grunge, Drama and many others, and this application we can download on PlayStore geratis and without advertising, it is the other advantages of Snapseed outside editing photos.

Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the android application to edit images, from whose name we would have understood that this application was developed by one of the software developers the greatest, ie adobe, and of course we know that on a PC or laptop we often edit edit photos using Adobe photoshop, adobe menghadirkannya this time on a smartphone device, so that we can feel photoshop on android as we're using it on your pc and will certainly be easier because we live our finger swipe on the screen of our smartphone.

On the application adobe photoshop express we also find the basic things that exist in Adobe Photoshop on a PC or laptop, such as rotate, croping, red-eye removal and others, we can use here  easily, besides in this application we also can be set adjusting highlights, shading, shadows, contrast at will after the needs of course.

If we are accustomed to using Adobe Photoshop on a PC, of ​​course we will be able to edit our pictures as edit on pc, because the features are almost the same, we can also edit pictures outcome of photography because this application can edit photo files are large.

If we selfie fans, probably airbrush application is an application to edit cock edit our pictures, because this application is its features is enabled to support-selfie selfie us so that this application can help us to optimize our confidence.

Airbrush not too many have features, but make no mistake, despite its slightly precisely that the advantages of this application, the features of this application is working well, as one of them is acne removal, using this application we can also make your face more look clear and smooth as it can remove stains on the face, in addition to the features in this application can also help whiten our teeth, so that when we selfie with smiling teeth we can look whiter, in addition we also can smooth wrinkles keurtan on face so that we will look much younger, we can see an example in the figure below.

VSCO cam is one of the popular application for video editing, as seen from the statistics download, this app is a photo editing application of the most widely downloaded, because this application is one of the applications is good enough in use to edit video, and its use that is easy for the user.

Features in this application is also quite easy to use application that makes it become one of the favorite applications for users, with a single click, we can filter our photos with basic filters.

This application is an application created by one of the largest developers softwrae namely Cyberlink, so we need not doubt the ability of these applications, the features of this application is made in such a way so that we can edit edit it with ease.

Features of the application photodirector is that we can easily and quickly add overlays on the image or photo, we can also add to the wide range of photos styles in this application, the application photodirector also equipped with features RGB curves and HSL tools, so that we can adjust the color of our pictures as we want.

We certainly have been familiar with this application is not it? yes instagram is one of the social media application that is infatuated by our society today, because the shower can save our photos there, besides that we also can edit our photos on instagram.

We can do photo editing on the application instagram, lots of photo editing features on instagram, we can edit them before uploading the photo, one of its features is that we can choose the mode of our pictures like vintage, sierra, moon, gingham and many others, in addition we can also rotate the image we umpteen degrees, we can adjust the sharpness of our photos, adjust contrast, brightness, etc., so it does instagram is one application of social media as well as photo editing most widely used and certainly is the most popular, there are still many features editing another on instagram that we do not write here.

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