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Friday, September 23, 2016

7 Facts Unique Android Lollipop, You Must Know

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Android Lollipop A unique name of the new Android OS impressive unique and tasty candy cute ants are created in. But did you know that behind the name is actually impressed sweet Lollipop Android OS brings great performance and integrity?

Android Lollipop is actually a ver Android Operating System 5.0, which later progressed to version 5.1.1 update

This Lollipop OS forward integrity visual scheme for your smartphone or tablet with a capacity of more qualified. and of course the new design lollipop presented to indulge Android users.

7 Facts Unique Android Lollipop you can enjoy are:

Changes display / interface cleaner
Interface android lollipop more looks bright easier for users to see dab using the navigation key.

Smart or Smarter notifications
in the sense that you can freely use the notification by sliding or dragging a notification from top to bottom with one touch, is controlled by locking the notification to avoid accidental.

Smart mutitasking
Smart multitasking again already meant mutitasking Smart at this lolliop android android brings 3D panel effect you can try to use it yourself and feel the effect.

Securities / flexible security
You can use this feature for securing your smartphone, automatically open when the protection is in place trusted such as home.

Search function / search more relevant
when you use the application and then look for something that feature information on google search will deliver search results to the relevant info you want to go.

Battery more durable
with many features and applications embedded on your smartphone automatically use batrei be wasteful and is a separate issue, with the features of "Project Volta" built-in android lollipop it can be minimized because this feature provides power saving options battery.

Smart and Smooth
deliver speeds in the performance of graphics, animation and installed applications, while sfek your smartphone qualified, this feature you can feel the benefits cash advance.

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